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SPRING IS HERE! +++ Today I’m sharing with you an old demo of « Spring is here!« , a song that I have performed on stage several times over the years. It has never been properly recorded though, as I found it a bit silly, … Lire la suite­­


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CRASHVOX & JAN DARK +++ A few years ago, I met dark synthmeister Laurent Boudic aka Növö, x2Proton, Genetik System, etc. for his project « CrashVox« . Together, we made this here lovely tune « The Old Promise« . He recently reached out to me, so … Lire la suite­­


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PIGGIES +++ My friend Franck Zeisel is a cool guy. As a singer/songwriter himself (operating under the name of « The Boy In The Sky ») he knows it’s not easy to make oneself known in the world of music. So he had … Lire la suite­­


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PARASITE +++ My little hands made a visual thing to accompany my latest song « Parasite ». It’s a bit like a power point presentation, but with bloodsuckers. You can stream or buy the song from a shitload of modern platforms. And here’s … Lire la suite­­

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