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You haven’t heard from me in a while. Please don’t think I’m complaining, but my lack of creativity is probably tied to my partner’s ongoing sickness since April 2016. When he’s in the hospital, much energy is spent worrying, and when he’s home I’m in a vortex of cleaning, cooking, and caring. The time usually allotted to creativity is continually interrupted by a seemingly never-ending ballet of nurses and friends stopping by to see the patient.

I nevertheless seem to have found the time to devote the equivalent of a working week to « Twin Peaks » over the month of August, watching the new season and old episodes, reading blogs and listening to podcasts. What a beautiful mess Twin Peaks is! I equally loathed and loved every second of the new season. All the stuff about alternate realities and doppelgängers is a great source of conflict for me: I’m fascinated by the endless layers and possibilities (who doesn’t like a good M.C. Escher painting or staring at a Möbius strip?), while also suspecting it’s a flamboyant way of getting away with chaotic story-telling. But I find the performances David Lynch coaxes out of his actors, the striking imagery, and the overall style so deeply appealing and satisfying, on a level that exceeds pure rationality. So yes, I liked it. A lot.

« There are you. You drive like a demon from station to station. »
While my brain is still reeling from the many things I didn’t understand, there were some aspects I was fully able to latch on right away: the endless, silent hours of driving in dark deserts, while seeing just a tiny stretch of the road ahead of you, that’s me since 2016. The isolation and monotony, only momentarily broken by stops at ominous gas stations with « convenience stores » or, even worse, those awful motels where you get either stalked by doppelgängers, or murdered, or your memory wiped clean, all of that seemed a perfect description for much of my life at the moment, and perhaps modern life in general.

« And I can never go home anymore… »
« Home » is abolished as well. Like Good Cooper, you spend more than a quarter of century blocked in some kind of purgatory, only to return to a world as a merely a shell of a man. After deciphering a handful of clues linked to your past, you get electroshocked into your old shape for a short while, before becoming somebody else again, seemingly in a different timeline where the places and people you knew still exist but have different names and memories. This is certainly no universe for wallowing in nostalgia! The only choice seems to move forward no matter what, even though you’re disoriented and baffled on a regular basis.

« Call Gordon Cole »
I was delighted by the short nod to Sunset Blvd., where we see Cecil B. DeMille on a TV screen, uttering the magic words which will shock Dougie Jones out of his stupour.
Sunset Blvd. is a film I love for many many reasons, but here are two.

Cecil B. DeMille’s three piece velvet suit (I WANT IT):
Sunset Cecil 1 - Version 3

And of course the pool scene:
Sunset Pool Day
You can easily see why David Lynch is enthralled by this film:
Sunset Pool Night

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