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Spring Is Here 2020 300

SPRING IS HERE! +++ Today I’m sharing with you an old demo of « Spring is here!« , a song that I have performed on stage several times over the years. It has never been properly recorded though, as I found it a bit silly, not « grown-up » enough to be worthy of entering my repertoire. As so often, I now think I threw out the baby with the bathwater. Somebody please save me from myself! Anyway, here it is — again, for those who remember it from Myspace.

What is ‘Spring is here! » about, and why do I think that a demo from 2008 is somehow relevant in 2020?

This song was conceived like a  scene from an imaginary opera (that might or might not be completed one day). The main character of the scene, The Tree, has been kept inside in a pot during the winter months. Outside, spring has arrived. The Tree itches to be outside and partake in the great rebirth all around. The Gardeners, however, examine The Tree and find out that it has already died. Any similarity to our current situation is of course purely coincidental and downright spooky.
My apologies to all the talented musicians I could have asked to play on the recording, but remember it’s only a demo. Today, 1st May 2020, Bandcamp is waiving their sales fees in order to help ailing artistes, and though my fridge is not exactly empty, any money I make from this might be reinvested, to pay a real drummer for example. :-)

Here are the lyrics:


Spring is here, spring is there
Jaunty spring is everywhere.
Young and wild, pure and free
Nature’s oozing like old Brie.
Ha ha ha, life ain’t so bad
When asparagus is shooting like mad.
So much fun to be had in spring!
All around flowers grow,
Nature’s juices freely flow.
Even though well concealed
In my lonely room, I feel
Almost like a living thing.
Before long you’ll hear me sing
An ode to spring.

To induce new growth in a tree it must be properly pruned.
Spring is here, spring is there
Green stuff is everywhere.
Quick, the tools! and begin!
Show these plants some discipline.
Ha ha ha, rot and decay,
Useless wood and weeds, cut ‘em away
With no delay.
Trees that have been grown inside for weeks and months may well be close to death
Without any outward sign…

Spring is here, in the air.
Don’t just leave me standing there
In my pot. All I ask
Is that you do your gardener’s task.
Cut my roots, cut my crown
Cut me up, tear me down
Just like Edward Scissorhands has gone to town
Don’t hold back
Chop and hack and hack and chop, don’t you stop
Can you still see no blood?

No, we don’t see a single drop.

Cut some more, go ahead!

We think you are already dead.

If I’m betrayed by hope so leave me be.

My friend, alas,
All things shall pass

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